People look at me and admire my Beauty…

My external features

These, to me, are a gift from GOD and a vehicle for my life’s purpose


What people don’t know is that I’ve been shaken

I’ve had the carpet completely pulled out from underneath me…

Many times in my life

These are the moments that you hear about 

That truly are the most heart-wrenching, earth-shattering moments

The moments that make or break you

In each of those moments, there was a Stillness that came over me


  • Everything got quiet
  • The noise of the world was turned off
  • And I tuned-in
  • I heard God speak
  • I heard my own VOICE
  • I felt my Heart just crack OPEN
  • I felt my POWER


My mind dashed around frantically, in circles trying to figure a way OUT

My Ego said,

“Get the Hell out of Here.”  

“Just grab everything and Go!”

“Start Over.”


But as quickly as my mind dashed

My Soul Anchored – IN


I remember crying out…

Please don’t let this experience


Please don’t let this experience



Please Protect my SOUL from

becoming tainted.

Please show me my TRUTH.


It is uncomfortable to write this, in this moment

And in the exhale, I know that these events

supported me in my own growth


These experiences Softened me


And gave me the opportunities to Discover BE-ing…


  • Selfless
  • Humble
  • Unconditional Love
  • Healer
  • Teacher


Gave me perspective

Returned me to Simplicity


I learned how to ASK for help

And how to RECEIVE support even when I didn’t ask…

Because I didn’t need to 

I learned the GIFT of allowing others

to take care of me

I learned the Power of Prayer


Experienced “Surrendering” once I was done 

Fighting, Kicking and Screaming


You really don’t know 

what they’ve gone through in their lives or 

what they’re currently going through

unless you’ve walked in someone else’s shoes.


All I can say is we all share the same Emotions….

We all have similar “stories”


The stories are just stories…

The details are just details…


But the Experiences and

how they impact our lives

is worth sharing


Because these are the moments when we Discover WHO we REALLY are…


If you’d like some support in these moments, in creating your dream life, and in finding your own VOICE, schedule a time to talk to me here.

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