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rock ur voice
rock ur voice

1. “Rock UR Voice” Revival Series

Be inspired to CLAIM your truth; to claim all your parts; to feel all your feelings and to do all this without judgement. This online series is for women transitioning to their true selves – the self not defined by a role such as mother, wife, friend. It’s a Bridge back to the Power of your Voice so you can powerfully create your life from the inside-out. Purchase the Video Series here for Only $97!

your signature soul speech
your signature soul speech™

2. Your Signature SOUL Speech™

Every powerful woman in history has used her authentic voice to have an impact on the world. She voices her Truth to bring healing to herself through sharing her story and in doing so brings healing to others as well. When a woman is witnessed through the power of her VOICE, others find her captivating because of the magnificence of her presence, authenticity and confidence she embodies. This is how the western woman will save the world with clarity, confidence and conviction with her Voice.

In this 6-week online Course we use the power of your story, paired with your authentic Voice, to create a Signature Soul Speech™ that positions you as a RockStar in your Industry and connects you to your own tribe. You feel the power of the impact to transform the lives of others as you share how you have done this in your own life, and how you serve your tribe today. You will step into the Spotlight, share from your Sweet Spot and Rock it out, Woman! Purchase Your Signature Soul Speech for 50% off at $198.50!

the empowered woman returns
the empowered woman returns

3. The Empowered Woman of 2017 (group program)

A deep Remembering of who you came here to BE before the world told you who you had to be as a woman. This 9 month group program is for the visionaries, healers, coaches and influential women who crave a deeper understanding of themselves, to use this inner wisdom to guide them in navigating through their own inner and outer journey (in LIFE & Business) with feminine grace, laughter and fulfillment. It is here that you connect to your Tribe, your Soul Sisters and your personal Guide so you are fully supported and living from your Essence, creating your own Success be BEing you!

We gather weekly for LIVE group calls, combined with 1 private coaching session per month and a Live Event at the end.

The Return to You Begins again in February of 2017. Email to apply.

return to you
return to you

4. Be-You-tiful Success (private coaching)

This is the most intimate offering of a 12 month journey guiding you back to the SOURCE of Everything in your life… You. You will be wrapped in love, held, seen and supported in your own healing of Self-Love, Self-Compassions, Self-Awareness and Self-Mastery so you are living life at your highest frequency and Rocking it Out! This process is one that will lead you to and bring you through Remembering, Reconnecting, Reclaiming, Rebirthing, Redefining, Re-engaging, and Rocking it Out. It’s a blend of Feminine and Masculine energies working together in your life so you are Fueled by your own Fire, Lit up by your Soul and expressing your VOICE in the world, as a woman. This is how you create Success in life as a Woman. There is ongoing enrollment for Private Coaching with me, yet I am only able to work with a select number of women privately throughout the year. Please contact me to check availability.

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Little Black Book

My Little Black Book

Sharing my SuperStar Secrets with you.

Every woman requires a regular reference to consult while moving forward in her life. Sometimes it’s through a book, a song or a quote. Keep my little black book close by and use it as needed to remember the Power you Possess to Rock it Out, Woman.

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