There was a theme that rang out in my interactions with others yesterday, and it was centered around Perfectionism.

I grew up with Big Dreams! Heck, I still have BIG Dreams! For me, this is part of living life! It also means I am continually stretching and growing into the next best version… and here’s what I learned was holding me back…


Perfectionism is a sneaky little monster. It can show up in so many different ways that you won’t even know it’s there.

Perfectionism IS:

  •  the striving to be the best, to reach the ideal and to never make a mistake
  • a Habit that keeps you focused on the imperfections of yourself (weakness, errors, defaults) AND others
  • a rigid, moralistic outlook… where everything is attached to the outcome
  • a reason why you may FEAR success, i.e., if I achieve my goal, will I be able to continue, maintain that level of achievement

As both a Mother AND an Entrepreneur, motivated by seeking TRUTH, I have had to stay present to where perfectionism was showing up in me because there are just too many places where both can leave you feeling like a “failure.”


Begin to Break-FREE from Perfectionism’s HOLD on you:

1. Forgive YOURSELF for making mistakes

2. Be Gentle, SLOW down and teach yourself to have “patience” – this reduces the Urgency to get it done, yesterday.

3. Honor your Human-ness: Embrace the fact that you WILL make mistakes, deviate, be weak and imperfect because you are HUMAN! (duh)

4. Be REAListic. I know, Reality sucks, but it’s a better reality when you can have visions/goals that are realistic… not SuperHuman, SuperMom, SuperWoman.

5. Recognize the most important aspect of life is living, which is Forward MOVEMENT, Forward Thinking, Forward Development… just keep moving!

I know it stinks to be stuck in our own “perfectionism,” and I want you to know that it’s something you CAN change. You can release these “ideas” and habits in your thinking.  

As a Woman, (no longer a child, teen or young adult) YOU know BETTER!

You also know that you desire deeper fulfillment, connections and success.  

You also know that you aren’t ALONE, therefore you don’t have to do life in an “Isolated” way.  


We live in a time where the internet connects us to the most amazing resources, teachers and guides.  This is so important because we can CHOOSE anything we desire.  In fact, if you already know that it’s “perfectionism” that’s been keeping you from moving forward and Rocking it Out as a woman, then you’ve already done the hardest part – Becoming AWARE!


In this moment you can already feel it loosening it’s hold on you.


and NOW that you SEE what it is, it’s time to take Action!

christine miskinis

This is why the work I do with women is so powerful.

Having a coach that Sees you and Supports you in releasing the “past” ways of living life, will help you to create MORE of what you really desire to experience (yes in your reality) right now!

I know that “sitting” in it until you are “sick” of it is part of the process sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be.

You have to Power to Collapse the timeline.

You can know yourself so deeply and take a Stand for living life to its fullest! 


ALL of it and ALL of YOU!

Did I mention? Showing Up and Living Life this way is so Flippin’ FUN! YES! Because you’ll get to LAUGH at yourself. You’ll  have LESS Fear and Judgement, which means all that’s left to do is to LOVE yourself (and others) and ROCK – IT – OUT! (insert my musical laugh).

Remember, you don’t have to do this on your own. It’s quite “impossible” to see it when you’re in it! Are you open to receiving guidance with this one? Schedule a time to speak with me HERE.  

We’ll spend some time talking about what you’re inspired to create in your life, what’s been stopping you and make a Plan to take you to where you want to be. That’s it. Easy enough? Let’s Do this!





PS: I know you’re busy. I am too. We won’t waste any time jumping right into the heart of the matter. It’s as simple as this, if you’re NOT getting what you want out of life, feeling fulfilled or at Peace in your own skin, then something is out of alignment. I can show you what it is and how you can finally let go and move forward.

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