I Give You Permission

I give you permission

In the first few years of building my business it seemed that I was waiting for permission.

I believe it had to do with being a Mom.

I believed a mom should stay home and devote every moment to her family.

This looked like cooking every meal, doing all the housework, shopping and caring for everyone else and always having my children with me wherever I went…

Now, keep in mind, I was also trying to grow a business.

I couldn’t see how the 2 went together…

so… they didn’t.


As my first child attended school, I realized that I was capable of doing more in my Business, even with having my younger child home with me.  

This meant that I had to give myself permission.

First, to take care of my own needs… physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Physically, I needed to get the sleep I wasn’t getting, support around the house and support in my business.  

(Delegating, Letting go of Control, Letting go of Perfectionism, Letting go of Fear, Letting go of Self-Abandoning)

Emotionally, I needed to learn more about the Truth of the MIND how it impacts the way we allow ourselves to show up in the world. *The mind is a tricky, tricky thing.

Spiritually, I needed to allow it to be okay for me to spend 20 minutes on the floor of our kitchen meditating while the kids ate breakfast and ran around.


Next, I chose to work with a mentor who seemed to have the Freedom in her life that I desired. She was so on purpose with her life because she delegated. This freed her up to focus on her Genius and her Relationships. (Yes, Business and Family)

What had the most impact on me, by being mentored by her, was how she went after her dreams as if her life depended on them!!!! As if her HAIR was on FIRE! (as she would say)

She repeatedly gave herself PERMISSION to do what she DESIRED…

NO-MATTER-WHAT it was what she desired!!!

Can you hear me here? ( If you’re not sure, go back and reread those last few sentences again.)

I began scratching my head with this one…

What I noticed was that in our coaching sessions I was waiting for HER to give ME Permission…

To me, this didn’t even make sense.

I’ve done some really BIG things in my life before having my own business. I was called to go Audition for Broadway in NYC and I did. I was on Dr. OZ 2xs last year and just went with it, as if it were no big deal. =)

I also have a marriage where my husband is behind me 150% in all of my decisions, both with parenting our children and running my business…

And now, here I was with my own Business, and I was looking for Permission.

Permission for what, you may be asking?


Permission for my DESIRES to be RIGHT:

  • to create a six figure business…
  • to start my own Talkshow…
  • to invest in my business so I could have ongoing support…
  • to travel for events…
  • to have some childcare…
  • to be a RockStar…
  • and MORE

It was through this mentorship that I realized that I had been waiting for Permission to Play Big!

 I’ve always desired to Play a Bigger Game in Life… 

 and yet I was holding myself back.

 I was taking myself out of the game.  

 I was telling myself what I had was ENOUGH. I Didn’t NEED more. I could do it on my OWN.

 Does this sound familiar?

 Are you waiting for someone else to give you Permission?

 If you’re not sure, if this has made you pause and think for a moment, then that’s great… but that’s not all.  You’ll need to take a closer look at what’s been holding you back in your life.

 Schedule a time to talk to me and let’s see what’s really in the way of you having the life that you desire.


To living a bigger life,

 PS: Schedule a call with me to see what it is that’s really holding you back and leave knowing what your next steps are.

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