raise our voices



There was a theme that rang out in my interactions with others yesterday, and it was centered around Perfectionism. I grew up with Big Dreams! Heck, I still have BIG Dreams! For me, this is part of living life! It… Read More

The Moments that Make or Break you

People look at me and admire my Beauty… My external features These, to me, are a gift from GOD and a vehicle for my life’s purpose   What people don’t know is that I’ve been shaken I’ve had the carpet completely… Read More
I give you permission

I Give You Permission

In the first few years of building my business it seemed that I was waiting for permission. I believe it had to do with being a Mom. I believed a mom should stay home and devote every moment to her Read More
Wake up call at 2am

Wake Up Call @ 2am

I’m writing this at 2am partly because I couldn’t sleep and also because I just received a beautiful update from a client. Yes, right now. When inspiration strikes… I love how I support women in showing up for themselves and… Read More